EuroVelo 8 - Mediterranean Route is being extended to Turkey, where it follows the coast of the beautiful Izmir Peninsula on a 500 km cycle route! It consists of an extension northwards of the Ephesus – Mimas Cycle Route, which traces the history of the settlements of the peninsula of İzmir, from the ancient Ionians to the Ottoman Empire. The route, while interconnecting ancient cities of vital cultural heritage, also allows the visitors to experience cultural, natural and local values.

National Information

Velo Izmir

The Izmir Eurovelo Route connects to the ports of Dikili and Cesme via Lesbos and Chios islands and passes through seventeen townships of the city. The route is structured with reference to the ancient sites and their interconnection based on natural, cultural and local values. Izmir EuroVelo Route connects two very important ancient cities. Pergamon in the north, and Ephesus in the South with other ancient sites on the route constituting its backbone.